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About us

yabo亚搏手机版app main business:政府授权范围内的国有资产运营;以自有资金对政府投融资项目、城市基础设施项目投资;建设项目规划区内土地的整理、熟化和收储;房地产开发。未经金融监管部门批准,不得从事吸收存款、融资担保、代客理财等金融业务。(上述经营项目依法须经批准的项目,经相关部门批准后方可开展经营活动)。(依法须经批准的项目,经相关部门批准后方可开展经营活动) and other products. Company respected "practical, hard work, responsibility" spirit of enterprise, and to integrity, win-win, creating business ideas, to create a good business environment, with a new management model, perfect technology, attentive service, excellent quality of basic survival, we always adhere to customer first intentions to serve customers, persist in using their services to impress clients.

welcome new and old customers to visit our company guidance, my company specific address is: 聊城市东昌西路119号.

If you are interested in our products or have any questions, you can give us a message, or contact us directly, we will receive your information, will be the first time in a timely manner contact with you.